Rehabilitation Provider’s Guide to Cultures of the Foreign-Born

Rehabilitation Provider’s Guide to Cultures of the Foreign-Born. A 13-volume series that provides specific information on the cultural perspectives of foreign-born persons in the U.S., especially recent immigrants. Published between 2001 and 2008 and written from a native perspective, the monographs contain cultural information that rehabilitation service providers can use to more effectively interact with and meet the needs of the foreign-born. The monographs cover Mexico, China, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Korea, El Salvador, Jamaica, Cuba, and Haiti, as well as Culture Brokering and Disability and the Muslim perspective. To ensure that they are user-friendly for busy service providers, the monographs are concise and written in non-technical language. Monographs are available free digitally, or printed booklets can also be purchased ($5/each or $3/each for 25 or more).

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