This is an effort to bring together resources and assets to help libraries serve refugees. This is a growing and developing resource and is an active space for developing services, programming, and resources. All input is welcome. We are particularly looking to build a body of experts in this area and connect them to libraries that are developing services to refugee populations.

We will be looking at best practices, toolkits, case studies, government resources, NGO partnership possibilities, and asset development. Please check back for regular updates and if you are interested in joining our research team contact us ASAP.

This list is meant as a resource and is far from exhaustive. If you have more information or other resources we are interested in hearing about it. Please contact us here.

This content has been broken down into:

  • FAST RESOURCES – General practical information including toolkits, govt reports, and webinars
  • TOOLKITS – Toolkits, just-add-water
  • GOVERNMENT RESOURCES – Official reports, practical guidance, watch for changes
  • LOCATIONS – Libraries that are providing direct support services to refugees
  • ARTICLES – News stories about libraries providing services to refugees