Libraries Serve Refugees Needs Volunteers!

Edit- THANK YOU for the overwhelming response. We received over 180 volunteer applications and are currently full. Thank you for your interest and we hope to be able to work with you in the future!

We are looking for librarians and other researchers to help us find the best resources for refugee and immigrant populations. Volunteers can do the work from their home or office and can do the work on their own schedule.

Researchers – get thee out and find the answers. We need people who can do straight research and dig up solid, up to date, reliable information that will fit the needs we are trying to address. You will be tasked with specific resource needs and then set on the hunt.

Editors – if you have a way with words this is the one for you. Editors will polish the research findings and get them ready for publication. They will do annotations for the various resources and will help spot information needs that have yet to be fulfilled.

Site Admins – we need some techies to help us keep the site up and growing. Site admins will move the polished information resources to the website and publish them. They will keep the flow of new information moving and will also make efforts to keep the site fast and strong.

Language Specialists – if you speak another language well enough to find, evaluate, and write annotations for immigrants and refugees then we DEFINITELY want to hear from you (we really, really, REALLY want to hear from you).

Lawyers and Law Librarians – no matter what your area of practice we have tons of things that we would like your feedback on.

Please take the time to join us in this work. Together we can carry the load and make this something that will actually help people.