Immigrant Hope

Low-cost Christian-based immigration services at the following locations; Atlanta (GA), Brooklyn (NY), Clifton (NJ), Santa Barbara (CA), Jackson (WY) and McAllen (TX). An onsite Immigrant Pathway Institute, a 40 hour basic immigrant law training, is scheduled at 2 locations in 2017 as of this writing.

Dolores Street Community Services

Housing, immigration, employment, and community programs include the Dolores Shelter Program, Richard M. Cohen Residence, Community Planning & Development, Mission SRO Collaborative, Immigrant Legal & Education Network, Deportation Defense and Legal Advocacy, African Advocacy Network, Casa Quezada, Day Labor Program & Women’s Collective, and the Valencia Community Center.

Free Immigration Services – Bi-weekly clinics, call to reserve a space, (415) 282-6209.

Central American Resource Center

CARECEN, the Central American Resource Center of Northern California, provides direct services and engages in community development and advocacy for the Latino immigrant community in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and beyond. Direct services include: free drop-in Immigration Services; Second Chance Tattoo Removal; Family Advocacy Programs for Latino immigrant families; health and wellness programs at the Kali K’íin community space. Hours for legal counseling are 9am-12pm. Infographics and flyers in Spanish are available to download from the website.

‘America is my home, Reflections of a Refugee and Two Immigrants’ talk at Faxon Library

‘America is my home, Reflections of a Refugee and Two Immigrants’ talk at Faxon Library

Describes a recent panel hosted by West Hartford, CT’s Faxon Branch Library. The panel was made up of three local immigrants and refugees and focused on their experiences in their home countries and in coming to the US. Local resources for welcoming refugees to the West Hartford community were also highlighted. Pub. 3/1/17.